People and small enterprises make business, all over Europe, often with someone who doesn’t speak their language. They need contracts but  most of the time they don’t want to spend money on a lawyer and prefer a good handshake. If the other party is an asshole, relying on a handshake can give you problems. How can you get cheap contracts and a good basic protection? With a simple language and a fresh approach?


Peppercorn is the place where you can make your own contract, without a lawyer and in many languages. For the cost of a peppercorn.


Peppercorn launched February 2014. I’ve been the content provider,  product manager and social media strategist (or whatever you wanna call it) until June 2014. That is, I’ve been sarcastic on twitterfacebook and the blog while growing the user base, making a cool product and getting the attention of the press. For Peppercorn I also organized the experiment What’s on a lawyer’s mind?