Actors involved in the project: On the Door production, Rodolfo ‘Panga’ Hechavarria, Cecilia LoCascio (trailer).

Santiago500 will be a documentary on Santiago de Cuba, to capture the richness of the city, on the anniversary of its 500 years, before the foreseeable end of the embargo. The documentary will star the preminent Cuban musician Rodolfo ‘Panga’ Hechavarria.

Prior to starting the shooting, the producers need to raise money through a crowdfunding campaign, for which the website was created.

I’ve been the person responsible for the copywriting of the main landing page; with the talented filmmaker Cecilia LoCascio, who made the trailer, I tried to give a sense of urgency and convey the idea that Santiago, ¬†enclosed in a time warp for more than 50 years, will change soon, so its legacy will need to be preserved on film.